LorAnn Professional Kitchen Bakery Emulsions – Better [than] Extract

  • January 9th, 2012
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Baking has it’s draw. There is just something special about getting things just right, pouring/scooping the mix onto the baking sheet or pan, and pulling out a completed dish. A perfect puff and crack on a muffin, or a cheesecake with a small lip and smooth surface, the proud moments of baking. Of course there is eating it, getting a taste of the something created from mire lumps of flour, sugar, and butter. The best ingredients go in – why not choose the best flavors?

What is wrong with extracts?

We’re not saying to into your cabinet and toss your  extracts. We love Lorann Professional Kitchen Bakery Emulsions because the flavor they provide is pure and straightforward. These are not extracts, these are emulsions. The biggest difference is that emulsions are water based. They provide a truer flavor than the alcohol based extracts. The flavors don’t dissipate due to high heat, like they would with extracts – with emulsions the flavors stick around. Use emulsions when baking off cakes or cookies, added to frosting, or like we do – adding to french toast.

How is it used?

Just like an extract, it is a 1:1 radio in usage. As easy as that! Want to bring a bit of shine to your cupcake frosting? Put a dash of the Orange emulsion in – brighten the flavor and sharpen the sweetness! Perfect that rum cake with their Rum emulsion, or make the perfect birthday cake with their Princess Cake & Cookie Emulsion.

Where to get it?

We’ve got a couple flavors that are harder and happen to be some of our favorites pick up a bottle and bring life to your baking!


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