Mirabelle Plum Preserves – Like Fresh Picked Summer

  • January 18th, 2012
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If you hear strange rumbles while in the back country – fear not. It is merely the sound of one of nature’s tastiest treats getting harvested, the Mirabelle plum. The rumble comes from the process usually used to harvest, that or a simple shake to the tree. Small and oblique in shape, but large in flavor – for those lucky enough to taste a fresh version know of it’s allure. That is why we’ve done a favor to those who seek this delicious treat, canned it.

We at SPG did not pull our plums from across the country, our Mirabelles are locally sourced from the farm. We got our preservationist made quick work of these delicious spheroids, bottling them fresh at their most succulent, saving the flavor. Roll out our Mirabelle Plum Preserves on toast, drop a dollop on cinnamon rolls, or add sweetness to a chili. Grab a jar and spread out the peak season.

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