January 2012 Chalkboard

  • January 20th, 2012
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(Almost) every month we put up some of favorite things on our massive in-store chalkboard: from the grocery, recipe ideas, and more. Here, in online form, is this month’s:

We featured our brand new Preserved Lemons with recipes(pdf) to accompany this marvel of tart and tangy.

After a short think, we knew Skillet’s Pumpkin Sauce had to end up on the board – it’s a bit sweet, reminds us of the harvest, and infinitely tasty. Our Habanero and Red pepper Jellies were other items we fell in love with this month, it’s hard not to what with it’s spiciness and awesomeness. The 4 Fortnights placed themselves in a nice section of the board where it will serve as a in-person reminder of the mid-winter hot deals.

An finally, SPG’s catering is an always easy way to host a dinner, bring a dish to a gathering, or plan a super-special meal. Chat with our chefs to get it personalized, order a stack of boxed lunches for your presentation, or pick one of meticulously crafted item from the catering menu.

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