Askinosie CollaBARation™ Bars – Jeni’s & Intelligentsia

We love Askinosie, heck – their Sipping Chocolate has made other chocolate drinks seem… flat. Well, they went and got us all in a foodie frenzy – by partnering with one of our favorite ice cream virtuoso Jeni’s, and our old local coffee pals Intelligentsia.

The Jeni’s CollaBARation™ Bar fits together the pieces of their tasty businesses in a way that makes your tongue dance. Malted milk meats dark chocolate in a bar that you’ve got to sit down for. It’s strangely creamy and heavy on the toasty chocolate flavor and a mild bitter end from the darkness of the bar. Stupendous, an amazing juxtaposition of flavors and swirling changing mouthfeel – we simply love this bar.

The Intelligentsia bar is everything a dark chocolate coffee bar should be. The deep and complex with the dark chocolate layer in citrusy acidity and the coffee’s caramel roasted blackness. This is the kind of bar you’d eat next to a roaring fire and glass of wine. It’s neat and smooth – fantastically combined flavor profiles.

It’s so hard to choose just one, so we encourage to take home both – see the true range of Askinosie’s flavor prowess.

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