Lillie’s Q Sauces – A Dab’ll Do Ya

A hip and refreshing ‘urban barbeque’ plopped itself down between Bucktown and Wicker Park by a man and his father bringing their restaurant and barbeque experience up from Florida. But Lillie’s Q cut it’s teeth in competitions and even winning the famous ‘Memphis-in-May’ world championship. They’ve got style, cred, but how do the sauces taste?

We carry their Carolina, Carolina Gold, and Ivory sauces. Each one is so fantastic – lets break them down. The Carolina sauce is light but powerful in flavor – complementing your charred meat with a mix of kethup-yness, some sweet and hints of vinegar and spice – very tasty. It’s cousin, Carolina Gold has those flavors from the Carolina, but with a more forward seating vinegar flavor that makes it great for pork and letting your meats soak to perfection. And then there is the Ivory Sauce – a mayo based dipping sauce that will have you looking for things to coat it with. Ivory is the thick, slightly tart sause that goes great with home cut fries, a great compliment to the other sauces, or even spritzed into a baked potato.

Give these sauces a try, they won’t let you down – get them now on our shelf!

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