Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale – Real Rhizome Ale

On our hunt to find great drinks to have in our cafe, we kept coming back to ginger ale. It’s bright flavor and mild ‘spiciness’ makes it great compliment to lunch. We tried a handful of different sodas until we picked up a Fresh Ginger ale.

It’s packed full of ginger, it’s crisp gingerness makes you thirsty for more; not over-sweetened like a lot of ginger ales can be, it strikes the right balance. Fresh Ginger is the real deal, so much so you can actually see the ginger settling if a bottle had been sitting for a spell. The chunky ginger pieces rest in the bottom waiting to be brought back to life – to be suspended in the rich bubbly liquid. We tend to oblige: giving it a little rustle, then crack it – allowing the springy scent of ginger aroma to waft into our noses, and get a nice gulp in as quickly as possible. Many other ginger ales will use oils or extracts, but this soda is just that – yummy sliced up, unfiltered Fresh Ginger ale.

Grab a bottle of the original or a rotating selection of flavors from our cooler – they go perfect with lunch.

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