Stonewall Kitchen Dipping and Simmer Sauces – Tasty Jars of Fresh Food Memories

  • April 24th, 2012
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It’s hard to talk about fancy food, and even harder to speak about jams and jellies, with out mentioning Stonewall Kitchen. We, of course, have been long time admirers of their work – even before SPG came into being. We’ve been known to carry a couple of their jams, jellies and  a couple of the cake mixes.

Most recently, though, we’ve picked their garlic and smokey barbeque aiolis and two of the simmering sauces: buffalo and sloppy joe. We couldn’t help ourselves around the Sloppy Joe sauce, taking us back to the days of bustling school lunches and dinner with family; it’s great to finally have a Sloppy Joe sauce that doesn’t come in a can and still bursts with tasty ‘sloppy’ flavor. We even sent one of our staff on reconnaissance out to the Stonewall Kitchen in Maine – getting the ‘Joe’ from the source. This sauce isn’t an ‘all coating’ type, it’s a great compliment to the rich meaty flavor in the hamburger meat; great for picnics, family dinners, and a nice walk down memory lane.

Stonewall’s Buffalo sauce is rich with spiciness but not ‘burning.’ It’s, of course, got that traditional ‘buffalo’ flavor that your wings just love to soak in. Use the Buffalo simmering sauce easily for your next party – it can be boiled, seared in, baked, or fried making it the perfect coating on chicken strips, wings, or mixed in with burgers for a bit of a kick. Super tasty and able to go where you want it to – what is not to love?

Once we tasted the garlic aioli – it took us those great little restaurants with belgian-style fries. It’s smooth and creamy and not overly heavy; the garlic shines though but isn’t that ‘spicy’ garlic that can sometimes come out in these kind of dipping sauces. But it is in the velvety luxury of the smokey barbeque aioli, we find food solace. The light brush strokes of smoke and the classic BBQ-sauce flavors peak through with a spot on a burger, or spread inside a piled-high turkey sandwich – it’s a like a friendly reminder of reunions and summer birthday parties speckled throughout a meal. Both dipping sauces are perfect for flopping in fries, putting on pretzels, slathering on sandwiches and much more.

On our shelves now, two each of Stonewall Kitchen’s dipping sauces and simmering sauces – ready to take home and remind you days gone by or start fresh memories.

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