Our Pickled Beets – Red Canned Memories

  • July 24th, 2012
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A lot of the canning we do in store is bringing the old nearly forgotten recipes, those recipes that our mom’s used to make us, and making them shine again. Our Pickled Beets are like that – bringing back flavors that were hiding in the recesses of our memories, of earthy vinegar and deep red soaking into anything it touches. There is something truly special about their flavor, a mix of memories and days-gone-by, pickled beets are made anew again on our shelves.

Slice them thin and add to chicken, potato, or egg salad for a old-time tradition, or chop into tiny cubes and mix into your deviled egg recipe to add some pickled flavor and an island of red in the half egg. We also love to put them as is, nice and thick, onto a burger during barbecues, or layered up in a turkey sandwich for an extra-earthy experience. Don’t toss the brine either, once the beets are gone, drop in hard-boiled eggs for bygone pickled pink treats!

No matter how you use our Pickled Beets, they’re sure to find a place in your fridge – as they have ours.

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