Coop’s Micocreamery Hot Fudge – Handmade Childhood Memories

Hot Fudge, it’s pretty close to the best thing to top ice cream with. It’s like stepping inside the way-back machine to a time when your treat for being a big girl or boy when you fell down and hurt your elbow in soccer was a pile of delicious ice cream and a heavy dosing of hot fudge. Coops’s Hot Fudge harkens back to a time when you thought you couldn’t wait to have ice cream for breakfast. Now you can! Load up a bowl and go nuts, pour a nice glob of Coop’s, get out the big spoon and power up your sugar high before heading into work. Your a grown-up no one can tell you ‘no’. Their hot fudge is rich and velvety in the way all hot fudge should be, hand made and all-natural – meaning no funny business. It’s so delicious, it’s already got (wax) fudgy-goodness dripping, simply oozing from it’s lid.

Grab a jar and hide it from others, you’ll want it all to yourself – trust us.

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