Late Summer 2012 Chalkboard

  • August 15th, 2012
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It’s hard to miss if you’ve been in, but our chalkboard is a pretty big part of sharing what we love with our customers – we wanted to share that with those here too. Here then, is our late summer chalkboard.

Right square in the middle is a feature on our Dilly Beans. They are super tasty, quite crunchy, and all the right spices. These dilly beans have got it going on. Perfect for munching with lunch.

On our ‘Staff Favorites’ side, we’ve got To Market Mixes that are perfect to have on-hand for unexpected guests – some mix with cream cheese some with mayo, easy and quick too. Another great thing to have ready to go? Hot Fudge. More specifically, Coop’s Hot Fudge. But this one you may want to keep for yourself, or have an extra one just for you – trust us. Amella Agave Caramels are the things of legend are made of – super-fine chocolates being laid over mounds of caramel with only the purist ingredients, so so good. Last in the line-up, but not last in our hearts, is Scrumptious Pantry Beef Tomato Sauce – a shelf-stable beef sauce that is easily one of the best we’ve ever tried and are happy to share it.

To the left, a box for dinner ideas – featuring out Cran-Grape Sauce. We’ve got a whole list of them at the check out and posted up here too, but we wanted to feature this sandwitch idea because it’s tasty to the max. It’s rich with brie, and a touch salty from the ham, and the bread meets the rest in a super-simple lunch that we just had to tell the world. Give it a go!

Keep your eyes peeled to our wall and here on the blog for more great grocery items as well as dinner ideas!

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