Passion House Coffee – Perfectly Pitched Beans

  • September 5th, 2012
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In a city where it almost seems that our cup runneth over with luxurious coffee beans, from the “big” coffee folks down to the tiny places, all feeding our desire for more, better, and all the things you want or even don’t expect from coffee we are handed one more shot in the dark [roast]. It’s these things and exquisitely roasted beans culminate together in a coffee roaster that we love to bolster – Passion House Coffee Roasters.

We enjoy that Passion House lets the coffee do the walking, not over-burden the beans with a heavy roast or shoe horn them to fit a ‘style’. Their expertise allows them to speak to the beans in a way we only wish we could understand, hitting the right notes of the coffee symphony. Their green beans aren’t just sacks of weight waiting to be broiled up and pushed out; Passion House isn’t just a name, but a way in which they seek out the correct beans, bring out the high hats and the bass drums in ideal crescendo. Because, a full orchestra can play Led Zepplin and vice versa, but there is a good reason why each play their accompaniment so well. But, and this is a big one – Passion House does not mock or step on those who don’t equal their super power coffee brains. They’re in the business of teaching as well, bringing up well rounded coffee lovers and spreading the joys of perfectly toasted beans. And so, it is because of all these things that we are proud to carry their coffee on our shelves.

Pick up a bag and drink passionately made coffee.

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