Our Stuffed French Toast

  • October 1st, 2012
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French Toast has a vast history, from it’s humble beginnings in the 4th or 5th century as a sweet treat using leftover bread to… well a sweet breakfast treat using leftover bread. Okay, so progress can be slow – but maybe the fact that French Toast hasn’t changed much in nearly 400 years since it’s first real mention means we, as humans, are making something pretty dang tasty. There is all sorts of things you can top French Toast with, from chocolate hazelnut spread to fruit and of course – the american favorite: maple syrup. There are also sandwiches that use the French Toast ‘egg batter’ style like the Monte Cristo or the Croque-monsieur. So it seems it’s nearly all been done. But how about stuffing it?

Our Stuffed French Toast gets layered with a mix between cheesecake and bread pudding, tossed on the griddle to make it all melty and impossible to resist. This warm cut of cream and seasonal delight gets placed between two large pieces of french toast challah bread, with it’s touch of sweetness, super soft and simply saturates itself with our house french toast dip. Then either grade A maple syrup or a changing seasonal topping skate their way across the top of the tiangle cut mound. For apple season, fresh sliced apples are artfully added – so luscious and perfect for those long dark mornings. When strawberries are popping up, it’s their time to shine in the stuffed french toast, added to every part we can, because who doesn’t love their springy flavor? Our Lemon version comes with tasty lemon curd, our preserved lemon, and to turn the lemon way up, the ever luxurious lemon emulsion from LorAnn Professional’s is added to the center for pure lemon love. We also rotate in a number of different french toasts, dependent on season, like blueberry, PB&J, Orange Dreamsicle and pretty much whatever we can dream up.

So take a bite into the past, present, and future of our take on this historically delicious breakfast.

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