Breakfast Shareables, More Than a Start

  • October 8th, 2012
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For years we’ve touted a couple of some dark horse menu item. Our ace in the hole, a secret weapon that was whispered to friends, or passed with a gesture of the hand across the table: “Oh, we’re getting the Poptart,” or “You NEED to get a Grilled Coffee Cake” exchanged between tables. When renovating our menu we thought they should be proudly displayed in their own place. Shown with pride, among their own special likenesses. Here then is a bit about each of these treasures.

grown up pop tart
We love breakfast – which may not be a huge secret. We think, though, that old favorites need a good refresh. Maybe, like in this case, a bridge between childhood and adulthood should be constructed as a means to both remember what it was like to be a kid and to feel like your tastes grew with you. With this, we constructed our Grown Up Pop Tart. A breakfast fold-over of sorts, where we take fluffy sweet pastry, lay down a thick layer of our seasonal in-house-preserves on one side – just exploding with flavor – and a hearty plank of mascarpone and drop in a handful of our roasted vanilla walnuts. A single bite will send you brunching at the crux of Mount Olympus.

grilled coffee cake
Coffee cake can be a real dream, and we think our not-so-standard Sour Cream Coffee Cake is a dream come true. It’s fluffy and buttery and has the perfect amount of balance between the punches of cinnamon and lovely nibbles of nuts. But when we take a blade to it, splitting this treasure in half, only to slather in a heavy dose of Zingerman’s Cream Cheese between, we become mad with foodie power. It is not nearly enough though, pads of butter are set in place on our hot griddle mere moments before the split halves are placed atop to soak up and brown to a crest of life affirming taste sensation. The two sides are brought together and plated ready to devour. Impossible to resist once it hits the table.

Take a gander and pick your sharable next visit, or pick both and indulge. We won’t blame you.

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