The Spice House Chicago Blends – Taste Thy Town

  • October 16th, 2012
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We’ve professed our love for The Spice House a few years ago. We did, however, fail to mention just how spectacular their Chicago blends are.

Let’s not mince words here: Chicago the midwest’s greatest food city. We’d go farther and say New York doesn’t even come close, but we don’t want to start any cross-country battles, but we digress. It is in the confines of our own city that we find a myriad of flavors, from the punchy Pilsen spices to the basement pizzerias to out west to the ukrainian village and small flavor dombes ready for the eating. Entire books can be written (and have) about the bevy of food clustered in our famous neighborhoods. We feel tasting is sometimes much more important than simply doing some reading. But what if making the trip to each lovely neighborhood isn’t in the cards, or you want to relive some great tastes in the confines of your own home? This is where The Spice House’s Chicago Blends step up. They really plays the tune of each respective area appropriately in their line up, even matching the swirling green grasses of the Lake Shore.

Stop by, take home a jar, and taste bottled up portions of Chicago.

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