Meet Kathleen – Tates Founder Visits Us

  • October 18th, 2012
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On this upcoming Saturday, we’ve got a pretty special guest coming in to sign her book – Kathleen King. She started Tate’s Cookies, proprietors of outrageously delicious cookies that even we couldn’t shy away from. We love them so much they are the only other cookie to adorn our shelves! Because there is just something about that perfect cookie, so simple in it’s facade, but complex and nearly impossible to perfect. Well, through what we can only assume was magic (or a ton of work) Kathleen came up with a flawless cookie recipe. She used that as a stepping off point to create a whole line of unbelievable treats just ready for the noshing.

All of her success in cookie-dom help lead into her newest endeavor: cookbooks. We’re super excited to have her in to talk treats and sign her book. Not something that happens often, so swing on by even if it’s just to thank her for making great tasting cookies.

Kathleen will be in store from 12:30 to 2pm on October the 20th.

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