Cupcake Pancakes, They Exist

This may not be news to a whole lot of you, but we makes some pretty dadgum tasty cupcakes; luscious and sweet, simple but exquisite due to the gourmet ingredients held within. Well, it just wasn’t enough. One fine day an employee of ours had the grand idea of pouring cupcake batter on the griddle. Crazy idea, we thought, but it could work. Our luxurious cupcake batter spread itself thin and suddenly stopped and it started to cook up, puff, and heck – was even pancake-like. It was born, thrust forth from the mind of our staff in the perfect example of their creativity. We whipped up some vanilla butter as the ‘frosting’ and of course added syrup in a showing of tradition.

And it was good, great even – but it wasn’t available to all our fans. A year or so ago, we created the gluten-free cupcake and just recently we thought: why not just create the same great breakfast version but gluten-free? This new version had to be as good, if not better than the long loved gluten-full version. So to create the ideal replacement we crafted our own gluten-free flour that met our high standards of flavor, texture, and continuity from previous gluten-free cupcakes and our traditional famous cupcake pancakes. After long tireless work we knew it would perfect. We recreated a sweet breakfast for those who could only dream of indulging in such marvelous treasures.

So we hoist our foodie flag, nod to those with a gluten allergy, and present our Gluten-free Cupcake Pancakes with pride. Dig in!

  1. Mike Hero - April 17, 2013

    What was the employee’s name? That is a brilliant idea!

    • jake - April 17, 2013

      The name escapes us at the moment Mike. 🙂


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