Our Bialy – Ideal Baked Polish Fare

  • October 29th, 2012
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Our new baker is pretty skilled, really “bringing it” with our wide selection of baked goods, and now tossing our own bread for the first time, in-house. First baked off were a replacement to our bagels – our Bialy.

Pronounced “Bee-ally” – it’s a Polish bread that is much like a bagel, but a also lot unlike one. They are both round and chewy (although bialy are not boiled), but instead of an empty hole in it’s center, our new treats simply carry a divot. Not a mere accident mind you, these ‘divots’ are harbingers of the piquant, lofting up sweet or savory flavors for those who nibble right through, or the more advanced reverse-moat – savoring the center as a treat. Either way you munch these down they are super delicious.

We change them depending on available ingredients and season, but at the time of writing we carry an ‘Everything’ with flax, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds with onions in the crater, ‘white cheddar’ and ‘cinnamon-blueberry’. They are hard to not eat right away, but the first two make great special lunch bread alternatives. Cinnamon-blueberry is great solo or used for a breakfast sandwich or dipped into your favorite cream cheese. The greatest part about bialies are they ever leave you feeling empty, always filling your center.

So grab a bialy at our bakery case! Know you’ll want a bunch? Let us know, we’d be happy to make a batch – just for ya.

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