Quince & Apple Rhubarb Hops – Tasty Tongue Wrestling

  • December 6th, 2012
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In the vast expanse of flavor combinations, from sweet and savory, salty and sugary, and more – there is one often forgotten, one that is overlooked often because it can be hard to nail down well. Guess who brought a hammer?

Quince & Apple, brought a sledgehammer of sour and bitter. In a simple rhubarb meets hops syrup that isn’t so straightforward for the taste buds. It’s punchy tart like shoveling warhead candies in your maw but the citrus bitter hops give the rush of sour the heave-ho, a kick off to a battle of flavor changing like the spinning backdrop of a Jefferson Airplane concert. Open a bottle to sparkling water for dashes of spring-season in your glass, or layer into a Tequila Sunrise allowing it to brighten your day, it’s great in just about any wheat beer too for added tasty-sparkle, drizzle on ice cream to mellow it down and add yet another flavor layer – no matter how you use it, you’ll want more.

Pick up a bottle and let it take over your imagination like it did ours. Quince & Apple have done it again.

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