Gaslight Roasters – Great Beans From Great People

  • January 30th, 2013
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Gaslight CoffeeFrom a couple of our favorite chaps from Metropolis – a coffee roaster with a relaxed taste as much as it’s feeling. At their store, they don’t go out of their way to shoehorn the roasted beans into a kind of drink. Two roasts that go and do, two so full of flavor and ease that even at their cafe they’ll serve it anyway you want: espresso, drip, pour over, whatever – and will let you get away with adding cream or sugar without the ‘coffee is wasted’ look that other roasters may serve you. They are also open to having others use their fancy roaster too, like our old pals at Wormhole – who are roasting up their own beans – because well… they’re great folks who just love coffee.

Beautiful coffee deserves a beautiful package. We don’t often harp on the beauty of packaging, but when it’s warranted – it’s hard to ignore. Gaslight’s coffee comes branded with a hand stamped ink details on the back in simple black, while the front has a dark ribbon and a wax pressed ‘GL’ front and center. Simple and elegant in a standard brown bag. Just the way it looks describes it perfectly, dressy but approachable, simple but intriguing.

Their beans are hand picked from around the world, and our first chance at them are so good. Their El Salvador is round and has nice caramel notes matched with some acidity, which is lent to it’s rich volcanic soil and a roasting treatment to compliment. Their other, the Guatemala, is great ground and used in the drip coffee maker at home. Either coffee can be your morning cup of joe or be that special espresso pulled after a white tablecloth coursed dinner. Both are great on rainy days or bright sunny ones, they aren’t hallow or meager, they are the go-anywhere do-anything coffees that carry their weight in the flavor department.

Pick up a bag and enjoy fantastic tasting coffee sans snobbery and without pigeonholing. Love yourself some Gaslight Roasters? Leave us a comment below!

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