Quinn Popcorn – Pure, Honest Microwave Popcorn

Quinn PopcornIn the broad world of gourmet and specialty food stuffs there was a hole missing. One so big that we felt shocked this is the first one to adorn our shelves – Microwave popcorn. From our childhood and dorm-room days to office snack time, it was hard to go a day without smelling the overpowering butter wafting into every crevice, eventually becoming contentious when cooked in a communal microwave. End the battle, have real popcorn without all the questionable orange fluff – have real microwave popcorn from Quinn.

Quinn has built a new microwave popcorn from the bag up – creating an all paper (even compostable) bag without any of the plastic layering of microwave bags of yore, even nixing the silver metal circle do-dads on the bottom. The best part? It pops just as evenly as the rest. The corn has been hand-picked from Midwestern farms to create the perfect pop in their bags as well as to compliment the dichotomies of sweet and savory flavors. Oh, those flavors… Lemon and sea salt is like a bright dawn of citrus and sea salt coupled to dance their dance across your palette. Their parmesan and rosemary goes together on the popcorn in a way that makes you wish you could dip into the popcorn fluffed recesses of your brain and live there for the rest of the day. Vermont Maple and sea salt is something in and of it’s own, like a kettle corn without the heavy dousing of sugar-coated sweetness, the maple lends a light caramel touch with that distinct ‘maple’ flavor – so good, it’s hard to not chomp down the whole bag in one sitting.

Quinn does it all differently, but still allows the popcorn and flavors to recall memories of watching movies under the covers, and late nights in the dorm. Get a bag and try real, tasty popcorn from down-to-earth good folk.

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  1. Mary Beth Schaye - February 13, 2013

    I love Quinn popcorn. Because of the business I am in, helping city dwellers to do their part in diverting food scraps from the landfill, I am all about the compostability.


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