Aggie’s Broken Pretzels – Bits of Divine Snackatude

  • February 14th, 2013
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Aggie's PretzelsThere are full on pretzels, bites, nibs, rods, mini – just about all sort of bags of pretzels you can imagine, but we’ve found a bag (or a few, really) of what promises to bring about a revolution in yumminess. Aggie’s Broken Pretzels are like those pretzels, those like the ones near the bottom an large bag, bite-size and have flavors nestling into the nooks and open edges, those treasures you hate to share – all lending to a perfect snack.

Aggie’s started with the Garlic & Onion – a powerhouse of flavor and garlic punch. It’s just about everything you wish those ‘other’ garlic nibs would be. Grandma really brought these into being in her kitchen, and was passed on to Bob where in he shared it with himself and a lucky few. That is, until one of the lucky few suggested he bag it up and sell it off. We sure are glad they did. The garlic flavor alone has us drooling and keeping loved ones at an arms length (so much garlic and onion, YUM!), but paired with a onion mix is like when you really understand Halloween. Their cinnamon flavor though… oh my. Aggie’s Cinnamon is like the center part of a cinnamon roll or a munch-able crumble topping; they are sweet, just a touch salty, and basically impossible to put down – they can even be used like lady fingers in a trifle! Both are so, so good.

Need a snack during a snack attack? Reach for Aggie’s – a locally made family tradition that is sure to squelch any sized munchies. Love Aggie’s? Want to share your affection? Leave us a line below!

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