Late Winter 2013 Chalkboard

  • February 16th, 2013
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Chalkboard Feb 2013

This winter we’re ready for the cold with Pirro’s pasta, a staff favorite, for it’s old world taste and locally made craftsmanship. The sauces are rich and perfect for just about anything you can throw at them. Our new go-to pasta sauces, for sure. Need something a bit more hearty? How about Nuccio’s Meatball mix. They’re everything you’d need to make soul-warmingly good meatballs – spicy or not. Great to mix into meatloaf too, adding depth and flavor to a family favorite. Nuccio’s is a simple and easy way a delicious meal, taking out a lot of the guess work. Last, but not least, in our Staff Picks is Royal Rose Simple Syrups. A Maine based company with their heart-of-gold flavors that bring happiness to any drink, sauce, or whatever their syrups are put in. Do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle or three.

Center of the board is the ever amazing Quince & Apple – bringing some serious flavor with their Tart Cherry Grenadine. A sophisticated, yet fun version of that thick red syrup we’re all used to making Shirley Temples with. The bright and rich flavor is jaw droppingly good in just sparking water or lemon/lime soda or mixed into an cocktail. Perfect little bottle to drive off mid-winter madness.

Don’t forget dinner! This time we’re featuring our Apricot Chutney with super tasty recipes (pdf) to boot.

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