Terry’s Toffee – The Perfect Treat

  • March 16th, 2013
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Terry's ToffeeWe were a bit perplexed when writing a recent entry for Terry’s Amazing Wackerpop – we didn’t have one for their toffee. We had to remedy that. SPG has carried Terry’s Toffee for just about as long as our doors have been open (nearly 10 years now) – which could be a reason why it’s fallen through the cracks – it’s been here longer than our blog has!

In the art of confections, toffee easy to make but hard to master; many people try to climb atop the heap to just crest the light of something special; shone in full splashes of heavy spot-lit specialty Terry’s Toffee rises above the rest. Just from their magical ratio of chocolate to toffee it’s astonishing, thick coco and sugar sweetness braces the bite and gives way to chunky cubes and cuts of toffee. McCall’s Classic is the measuring stick by which all other toffee that graces our palate are compared, it’s hard not to. The heavy milk chocolate captures the almonds in a sweet embrace on top, luring us to take as big a bite as social pressure will allow – it’s buttery and a brush of saltiness plays backup keyboard to the ensemble. It is so good in fact, that it’s been handpicked to go to the Oscars nine times. Their McCall’s Dark is also perfect to tuck into that Hollywood-level goody-bag. The team at Terry’s picked a smooth-but-rich dark chocolate that plays along with the toffee instead of drowning it out with its own noise; the same buttery-with-almond-pieces still live inside awaiting the arrival of your taste buds but this time the alluring dark chocolate comes to the party with its keytar – just to change things up. Both are so amazingly tasty and just about impossible to not mow down a whole box of in one sitting.

As a long-time loves and sellers of Terry’s Toffee we know well of its foodie magnetism – grab a box (or five) off our shelves, it’s easily one of the best toffee’s in world, and it’s made right here in Chicago.

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