Mayana Chocolate Bars – Chef Made Flavor Elegance

  • April 8th, 2013
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On the far north side of chicago, there is a small place churning out amazing chocolate bars packed with slowly heated caramel sauce which evidence of dedication to perfecting exquisite quality. Who are “they”? The folks at Mayana Chocolate.

It all started with Chef Daniel Herskovic. Beginging as an amature in college where teaching a class on World Cuisine sparked something inside him to push his growing love of food to new depths. He took up classes at the California Culinary Academy, started his own catering business, and lost himself in his deep obsession with all things coco. It was then he began creating amazing hand crafted chocolates for his clients and their guests – and the rest is pretty much history.
Mayana Chocolate Bars
Beautifully ‘painted’ bars are reminiscent of their truffles, swirls of bright colors alluring for a taste of what comes underneath. The Fix Bar – with it’s vanilla bean shortbread, coupled with the slow cooked fleur de sel caramel, enrobed in dark chocolate – is a hint of crunch and buttery shortbread all the while caramel coats and compliments with the chocolate. The Space Bar is out of this world: Toasted almonds bathe in sticky nougat with the same soon-to-be-famous caramel and blanked in that rich %66 dark – it reads like a regular candy bar but isn’t even in the same ballfield, it’d be an insult to it’s sheer tastiness. Our favorite, the Kitchen sink rings true to our deepest loves, sweet and salty; peanut butter, crispy puffed rice, pretzels, that caramel and dark chocolate. Yeah, pretty much everything we could want packed into a candy bar.

Pick up one of each and hoard them for yourself – or share, maybe… they’re so good, we’d understand if you weren’t willing. Mayana Chocolate bars are available on our shelves now, try not to hurt others as you sprint to the store to snatch them up. Love these bars? Want to give a shout-out to Chef Daniel’s team? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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