Tillen Farms Rainier Reserve – Hoarded For Good Reason

  • April 19th, 2013
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Rainier CherriesWe love canned goods. Heck, we can so much we have our own preservationist and hog a ton of preserves for the cafe, but when we stumble across something as awe inspiring as preserved rainier cherries… well we couldn’t pass them up. For those unaware, rainier cherries are the gold standard in the cherry world; they’re sweet and their thick skin gives them a bite unlike any other, and have a distinct yellow flesh. They are upheld in Washington state as the cream of the crop of fruit. Thankfully the lovely folks at Tillen Farms packed up these sweets right at the peak of freshness – preserved at their most delicious. Garnish white wine, macerate into a cocktail, or champagne spritzer – a big splash of flavor for any drink. There is no corn syrup or artificial colors/flavors so they’d make for a great fancy kid’s drink with sparkling water.

Pick up a jar or two for easy spring drinks with these astonishingly lovely rainier cherries. On our shelves today, so come and get ’em! Have another idea for how to use the Rainier Reserve cherries? Want to profess your love of all things cherry? Leave a message below – we’d love to hear from ya!

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