June 2012, Posting Thanks

  • April 23rd, 2013
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We’re really behind in these. So we wanted to attack it from front to back – starting on either end and meeting in the middle. This is the first in a line. So without further ado, we wanted to say thanks for those who wrote about us nearly a year ago.

The month’s shining article was from the lovely folks at Daily Candy – a kind piece about our newest (at the time) addition, a preservationist. With the addition of Melanie to our team we cranked up our in-house canning, they took note, and we’re quite grateful for the note. Even the Eater picked up the story in a rundown of local happenings.

Maureen, from Chicago Now, wrote a great post about exploring our neighborhood. One of the ladies at Athletica mentioned our store as a great place to come for lunch. The piece said wonderfully nice things about us and our outdoor cafe. So, thanks Maureen!

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