Big Picture Farm Caramels – Transcendent Sweets

  • April 25th, 2013
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big Picture CaramerlIn the woods, along the most southeastern point of the Green Mountain National Preserve, bleating fills the air in a small farm where some of the most heavenly goat milk caramels are made. In a show of slow trots, climbing on rocks, running here and there, it’s almost as if they are unaware of their importance, to their connection to an award winning treat. But it’s all about the goats, their seasonal diet, their play and grazing all culminate to create the rich, delvine caramels from Big Picture Farm.

Sure the humans do ‘some’ of the work, like actually using the goat milk, real sugar and gobs of elbow grease to make the caramels, but you have to start with a good base – for sure. After winning a Good Food Award, we knew the sorts of things it took to become nominated – so when Big Picture Farm has their package stickered with the GFA winner sticker, we know we’re buying into something good. Good not just to eat and savor, but the work they do outside of the kitchen as well; to create a haven for their goats, use real ingredients, as well as their sustainable and smart business practices pair right up with what we covet. So we had to have it in, both the Chai and original flavors. Their chai is evenly spiced and not heavy-handed but features enough of their local Vermont chai to make a lovely flavor presentation. Big Picture’s original is like mouthful richness that coats all the nooks of the tongue while sparkles of salt heighten the sweet – tidbits of foodie vacation. You may need a chair to sit in while nibbling on these.

Pick up a box right from our shelf and shuttle off to flavor-town with thanks to hard working goats. Had these nuggets of heaven and want to share your adventure? Leave a tasty comment below.

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