Tiny But Mighty’s Popped Corn – Popcorn Revolutionized

  • April 25th, 2013
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When perusing our shelves, you may have come acrossed a inconspicuous sack of shockingly small popcorn kernels. Heck you may even remember a post from us showcasing the myriad of corn we carry, with Tiny But Mighty Popcorn being the first listed. They are pretty ingenious little rascals, their small kernel disintegrates when popped, creating a fluffy perfection without the slivers in your teeth. Their corn is cultivated and grown, just for them, by select Iowa farmers and it’s that kind of laser-like dedication that is hard to miss. Well, they’ve gone and popped then bagged it up for you! Now you can take TBMP with you to the beach, to a friend’s movie night, or the perfect carry-snack. Grab a bag of their popped corn for a snack and some kernels to take home for later, best of both worlds.

We find it’s nearly impossible to not love Tiny But Mighty’s Popped Popcorn – get your hands on a bag today. Want to declare to us your desire to wade into an ocean of popcorn? Or just want to say you enjoy TBMP? Drop us a line below!

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