Happy Hemp – Good For Body and Soul

Happy HempWe could go on till we’re blue in the face just about how good Happy Hemp is for you. But we really love the way it tastes. Our grocery currently has two versions, the raw and the toasted. The raw is fantastic in salads, salad dressing, mixed into chocolate cake, added to a meat rub, or well… you get the idea. Their like go-anywhere do-anything nutty little seeds that bring another layer of flavor the party. We really get all riled up about the toasted seeds too, they are incredible. The light roast Happy Hemp puts them raises the nuttiness to a whole new level; use the toasted seeds just as the raw, but these you can eat by the handful, sprinkled on top of plain cheesecake, or a nice layer between a PB&J. With all this flavor it’s also great to know they are gluten-free and vegan so just about anyone can enjoy the great flavor packed inside these tiny seeds.

Get a bag of either, or pick up both to experiment your way through pretty much any dish. Give Happy Hemp a go, we’re sure you’ll love the coupling of marvelous flavor with astonishingly goodness. Tried Happy Hemp and want to leave a recipe idea? Drop a line below – we’d love to hear from you!

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