Raaka Virgin Chocolate – Shifting the Bean

  • June 12th, 2013
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Raaka BarsAt SPG, we love chocolate, like LOVE love, like crazy persons. We’re always floored by the mastery a lot of the confectioners and chocolatiers. There is just that ‘something’ when biting into a handmade piece of chocolate, like connecting the dots in our minds from the farmers on far flung lands, to where they are dried, bagged, shipped and brought stateside. Here is where Raaka’s story begins.

Their bars of that dark magic starts with sacks from their picked regions and farms they work closely with. But their bag arrive just about ready as is – they are unlike conventional chocolatiers, their beans go unroasted. See, traditionally cocoa beans and coffee go through a lot of the same processes (albeit coca beans are roasted at lower temperature) to squeeze out a particular flavor profile. Raaka lets the beans speak for themselves, stone grinding as-is and then using their own special touches to make the chocolate shine. Like their Good Food award winning Bourbon barrel aged 83% dark chocolate bar, it’s powerfully dark with an almost ‘boozy’ profile flutters when chewed but is fleeting, oak and roasty vanilla and mellow caramel. A densely layered bar that can easily be split and shared or eaten in sessions. Or take a dip into 85% dark chocolate from Ecuador, that lifts the heart and makes you take a seat. They add in vanilla roobios or dashes of sea salt to create a perfectly nibble-able bars.

Grab one or try all of Raaka’s virgin chocolate that we carry, they’ll set your chocolate based lust in a whirl. Love Raaka? Want to give a shout-out to the world on virgin chocolate? Drop a line below!

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