SPG Featured Artist – Chad Allen

Right around where the eye would be of the man’s head of Iowa – a boy was born, in the town of Waterloo, his name: Chad Allen. His Iowa roots, down-to-earth understanding of the “midwest-mindset” play well in his work. From his handsome handmade mustached cups to his installation at our place: featuring house paint, using old doors and scrap wood as his canvas – it’s seriously smart and fun art. A lot of his inspiration comes from his grandfather’s story telling and folk art, pulling direction from his great uncle – a Sunday Evening Post cartoonist.


Chad gets it, he creates art for mid-westerners: inexpensive and beautiful. Don’t call his stark contrasting Chicago scenes cheap, the delightful pieces featuring the most memorable man-mad works of grandeur are nearly-cartoonish and playful in manner remind us not to take life too seriously and enjoy the scenery. It is in the thick lines of black, white, and blue that we cannot help but smile – to think of days standing beneath roaring tracks with the sun pouring down or swimming in the shadow of the city’s powerful public art. It’s not the kind of dreamy reminiscent Chicago art that seems to be everywhere, nor is it stretched panoramas, his work is a breath of fresh air, work that just about any city-dweller would be more than proud to display in their homes. They allow us to revel in the steel and concrete jungle. His work tells the story of the city but also of himself, as the artist in it’s skewed lines and pop-art-like shock colors.

Dine in and soak up some of Chad’s work! Can’t make it in? Be sure to check his website (and matching moniker): www.backoffmustache.com

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  1. Joan - June 18, 2013

    Can’t wait to see the art!
    Looks good!


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