Pickled Ramps – Pretty Much Awesome

  • June 18th, 2013
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Been looking for something, well, different to add to just about everything you eat? Sandwiches falling flat? Burgers need some oomph? It isn’t a real big secret, we LOVE ramps. We’ve used them in just about everything from omelets, to savory scones, or grilled and tossed with salad.
Pickled Ramps

See, that is what makes ramps so special. Their a little garlic and a little onion but nothing overpowering. When pickled, their flavor lends itself over to the vinegar in a way that makes it perfect for martinis or making a vinaigrette. Use the pickled ramps to breath life into aioli, slice thin and add atop a sandwich, add into your meatloaf for a delicate onion/garlic flavor, bring about a brightness to whitefish, or… well, you get the idea. We not only love ramps for their versatility, but their locally grown, have an abrupt growing season – making them a limited edition every year – and remind us that spring is really coming. So pickling them creates that feeling stretched deep into summer (and fall/winter if we don’t eat them too fast).

Dig into a jar of these treasures today before we can’t control ourselves anymore; they’re on our shelves now, no guarantee how long they’ll stay.

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