Complimentary Ramps – They’ll Go With It

  • June 20th, 2013
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ramp mix`
We ‘brought it’ with ramps this year. We snagged as many as we could, and we have been putting them in all kinds of things. We’ve got quite the grouping of tasty ramp additions to some of our super-star house-made items. We love their taste, the call of spring they bring with them and their fleeting growing season, their light garlic and onion flavor parade always makes us hanker for more. Canning them with other veggies allows their taste to cast their net and meld with their compatriots inside the jar. Let’s get into it.

pickled ramp-asparagus

When the earthy and lemon-like profile meets the ramps in these jars of pickled asparagus, we find it just about impossible to not snack on the whole lot in one sitting. Pull a few and slice into a salad or cut thin and let some of juices flow into a freshly pan fried white fish.

ramp kimchi

Given the bright acidity of Kimchi, we’re not sure how this wasn’t done earlier. Thanks to our in-house spontaneously fermented wonder kimchi and it’s partner ramps, we have eaten a lion’s share of soup. The ramp kimchi has us scraping the bottom and slurping the last drops.

ramp kraut

Kraut has a similar tart punch, and much-the-same house fermented tone, but is a more neutral base, less umami than the kimchi provides, allowing the ramps to shine through with vigor and create a lovely topping to for sausage, or pork tacos. Simply lovely.

Get your yourself a jar or pick up all three to savor what ramps can create.

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