Our Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

In the long stretched rows of seemingly innocuous green tuffs small peaks of bright red poke under the broad leaves, it’s strawberry season. This fruit to kick off summer is one of our favorites, strawberries are like biting into the summer sun. They remind us of childhood, and picking through the shrubs and sneaking a bite of one too many berries. Strawberries remind us that summer is here, that silky-sweet strawberry lemonade is here, and of course: Strawberry French Toast. Ours has local strawberries, cream cheese & streusel with a strawberry balsamic syrup to create the ideal way to start your day. Strawberry season is short so get yours before it’s too late.

stuff french toast strawberry

  1. K R Sexton - July 23, 2013

    I would do almost anything for the actual recipe to make this or the blueberry pancakes. Not living in Chicago, but seeing these on Unique Sweets, makes me want to try this at home.

    PLEASE, with a blueberry on top?

    • jake - July 24, 2013

      Thanks! We’ll work on the recipe and have one for ya up soon. As far as the blueberry pancakes, we just add fresh local blueberries to our bread pudding pancake recipe. Have a good one!


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