Krave Black Cherry Barbecue – More Tasty Meats

  • July 22nd, 2013
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Krave Black Cherry BBQIn the grand, broad world of jerky there seems to a severe lack of dried meat with a hint of sweet. Well Krave, a store favorite, really brought their ‘A’ game with the Black Cherry Barbecue flavor.

It’s a pork jerky, so the light sweetness and ‘chomp’ is already built in. They slosh and season in a black cherry barbecue that plays into both the sweet and savory in a way we find impossible to stop gnawing. A puff of smoke creates a layered taste experience, lovely to chew on the road or as a snack. It’s a bit peppery, some sweet, and most definitely makes your mouth water! If you’ve had Krave’s other jerkies you know they create some pretty amazing bags of flavorful meaty goodness, and this new addition to their lineup is akin. Pair with your favorite pale ale, lay a stack in a spread of mild cheeses, or just knock back a handful here and there when the 3pm tummy grumbles come knocking.

Get a taste of this supremely delectable bag of jerky before we eat it all!

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