twofold Granola – Road Tested Goodness

  • August 12th, 2013
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Two Fold GranolaWhen life on the road starts to drag you out and the stop-and-go snacks start to taste like the pavement while making you feel like the rubber between, it’s time to up your game. That is exactly what twofold did.

The two ladies that mix by hand, bag, and sticker each individual sack of munchable granola, put their passion for good food that is good for you to work. Their classic granola has big chunky pieces that has bite – like full size whole almonds, pecans and cashews, rolled oats, splashes of unsweetened coconut, vanilla, sea salt & cinnamon with a background note of cardamon that had us wrist deep in a bag before we knew it. It’s slightly sweet in a way that welcomes snacking straight up or mixed into yogurt, kefir poured over, or added to a muffin recipe. Our favorite snacking granola from two fold is their pistachio version though – the melty green nuggets meets tart currents in a new form of tasty torture (“well, just one more bite”). Want something more nuggety and power packed with the ‘mother of all grains’? Twofold’s quinoa granola brings that whole show to your mouth.

A road warrior yourself, need a healthy snack, or are just granola obsessed? Twofold’s super tasty varietals will kick your taste buds into high gear.

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