Urban Accents’ Corn on the Cob Seasoning – Dash On Flavor

  • August 22nd, 2013
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Why hello late summer, we’ve missed ye. The rows upon rows for dark green fencing here in Illinois makes it hard to ignore ‘cob season.’ Sometimes we’re traditionalist with just butter, salt and pepper, but other times… Urban Accents‘ Corn on the Cob seasoning makes it a true event.

Urban Accents Corn on the Cob Seasoning

Turn the flavor knob a quarter turn up with their Spicy Chili Lime – it’s a mouthful of bright spicy up front giving way to the tasty lime that compliments an afternoon in the yard grillside. Sprinkle some on freshly buttered hot corn or add a dash or two when pan-roasting those golden kernels for a punched up version, which happens to be amazing with fish tacos. For something just this side of spicy give the Chipotle Parmesan a go; the smooth cheese mellows the smoky spice of chipotle to create a great complimentary cob to skirt steak, ribs, or just about any barbeque. Dash it across a warm cob and mow on one the best summer sides.

Pick up a bundle of corn and get cook’n! Just like corn, Urban Accent’s Corn on the Cob seasoning is ‘just right’ for these last days of summer! Heightened cobs await thee, the shakers are available on our shelves now, ready take home.

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