Red Boat Fish Sauce – Fresh Pressed Amazement

  • August 26th, 2013
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Red Boat fish SauceWe’ve carried Red Boat before, sort of, with BLiS’ Bourbon Barrel Aged Fish Sauce. But now that we’ve got Reb Boat‘s extra-virgin fish sauce, it’s quite nice even without the complement of barrel aging.

It all starts with the fishermen. In the long boats and hushed waves of vietnam, Red Boat’s anchovy fishermen reel in their nets and pluck the small finger length fish and immediately salt them. Not only are they freshly salted, but are salted there right on the boat. They are then brought to Red Boat’s fermentory and into massive tropical wood foudres. They then pressed from their own weight, fermented, and aged for a full twelve months. All part of a long standing tradition to create the most simple and delicious fish sauce. It’s 100% natural, just those beautiful black anchovy’s caught off the island of Phu Quoc and sea salt.

We love to add it to fried rice for a dash of umami where it wafts into a lovely aromatic mix of soy, veggies, and protein. Give your next stir fry a bit of Red Boat too, it compliments shrimp like it was born for it. Place a bit into your thai noodles, make that ramen sing with a healthy dash of the ‘Red Boat’ comeuppance, curry, pasta sauces… you get the idea, it’s a splash and a dash here and there, and you too will fall in love with this bottle of red magic.

Red Boat fish sauce is perfect for professional-home chefs or serious novices, it’s easily the best fish sauce we’ve ever had – take home a bottle off our shelf on your next visit.

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