Blis Fish Sauce & Maple Syrup – Bourbon Barrels, Meet Your Destiny

Blis Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple SyrupAt a time when it seems both Bourbon and those cast away barrels all seem to be finding their way into things, from off-ended spirits to dark beers, we couldn’t ignore one purveyor of bourbon goodies any longer. A growing name in the consumer world, but tour de force in the culinary sphere – our chefs had been elbowing us to take a closer look. We’re pretty glad they did; Bils Bourbon Barrel Aged Fish Sauce, and Maple Syrup are the things foodie dreams are made of.

Their process starts with picking out the best possible medium – be it Fish sauce from world renowned Red Boat or small batch maple syrup that is plucked from sugar shacks known for ideal amber. Blis also hand-picks 12-18 year old bourbon barrels, using them to age the perfect balance between the rich smoky and earthy woodiness that comes from those burnt out planks. Before seeing the bourbon barrels, the syrup takes a nice nap in used barrels to mellow and soak up more oak flavor than they would from only the bourbon – adding hints of vanilla to the sweet sap. As for the fish sauce, Red Boat uses two ingredients – wild caught anchovies and sea salt – that’s it. The fish are salted as they are brought back into shore (insanely fresh) then barreled in traditional fish sauce tropical wood casks and aged for at least 12 months.

Blis Bourbon Barrel Aged Fish SauceCombining the passions of those manufacturers who create amazing products and a few bourbon barrels can almost never be a bad idea – but to toss in the shockingly laser like eye of those who make Blis products, it’s really something for the taste buds to behold. The fish sauce is great in a vinaigrette, sprinkled on a plate of noodles, or adding a touch of that fifth flavor along side a rich and complex backbone. We love the maple syrup on vanilla ice cream, caramelized on pork chops, or added to coffee. We’ve found both to inspire and intrigue, and are definitely worth a go.

Pick up a bottle of the Blis Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup or the Blis & Red Boat collaboration Fish Sauce and get into some unbelievably luscious flavor zones.

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