Purple Door Ice Cream – Sweet Dreams Come True

  • September 11th, 2013
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Purple Door and PiesSometimes we have dreams as children of being a fireman or astronaut or president – but some have their future already keyed in. An ambition and dream not unlike those mentioned, but one that would not falter, built purple door. A young 8th grade girl dreamed of owning an ice cream shop – name and all – and held on tight. We’re sure glad Lauren didn’t let her ambition go the way of the dodo because she brought us Purple Door Ice Cream.

Purple Door Logo TM

Purple Door starts with the highly sought-after dairy cows known to frequent the Wisconsin countryside. They use the best of the best, a 14% butterfat ice cream requires milk and cream from the best Wisconsin dairies. They don’t stop at perfection with the dairy through, the flavors attached are the highest quality possible and focus their fruit flavors around using fresh and seasonal local varieties. The whiskey they use in their whiskey flavor is so shockingly good, we want to take shot and pour some in a mixed drink. The profile of their flavors are superbly honed, simple yet luxurious, elegant in their execution. When you scoop a mint chip it’s not neon green with flecks of something that could be chocolate – it’s smooth white with waves of mint flavor and chopped slices of local Masterson Dark Chocolate all concluding into a mint chip that we just want to cuddle with. But for Purple Door it’s not just about making that sweet sweet ice cream, but being committed to their community. Their outreach with their neighbors through their community initiative Milk for Milwaukee provides fresh milk to area homeless shelters, their retail locations heavily promote recycling, and house their production facility in a building that focuses on renewable energy and resources. Great people, great ice cream.

We’ve got a profound love for the work they do, both in their community and with the exquisite ice creams, and are honored to feature them in our freezer. Get a scoop in the cafe or take home a pint today – tate what years of dreaming and top quality wisconsin dairy can do for your taste buds.

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