Cackalacky – Fun to Say, Better to Eat

  • September 14th, 2013
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CackalackyIt’s pretty easy to say “oh well, it’s hot sauce.” But you’d be missing a lot of what this sauces is all about. Cackalacky is a sauce with heat, sure, but it’s a sweet potato sauce with serious flavor and surprising punch that isn’t easy to ignore.

The strange name piques interest, but it’s taste and how actually fantastic it is on just about everything. We tend to put it on omelets, or on eggs in general – the sweetness and spice compliment like it was made just for that purpose. But dashing Cackalacky on pizza (cold or otherwise) heightens the party – heck – mixing it into the sauce perks up an otherwise uninteresting pie. Burritos and tacos are smart choices, but cooking the spicy/sweet sauce into the meat brings about a revolution in how this ‘hot’ sauce finds it’s way into a meal. Mix into ketchup and dip your fries into powerful warmth coupled with that familiar vinegar sweetness. For the more adventurous, stuff a steak with rich cheese and a heavy helping of Cackalacky, or add to your ‘wet mix’ when frying up fish, to truly engage in the full effect of it’s prowess on your taste buds.

When Chapel Hill sends a message like this it really means business, one taste and it’s impossible to ignore the inconspicuous bottle with a wacky name. Give a Cackalacky a go and you too will wonder where it’s been all your life. Give us a holler in the comments below, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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