Our Recipes – Preserved Lemons

  • September 24th, 2013
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Preserved Lemons

Preserved Lemons

Yield: 6 canning jars with lids (1/2 pt)

11 medium lemons, organic preferable
1cup kosher salt
1cup organic sugar
6 bay leaves
3 teaspoons coriander seeds

Prepare jars and lids (wash and hold jars in 250’F oven; place lids in a pot covered with water and bring to a simmer).
Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add 10 of the lemons and return to a simmer. Allow the lemons to boil until the skins soften and begin to bulge; about 15 minutes. Remove lemons from water and cool slightly. When cool enough to touch, quarter the lemons over a vessel to catch the juice, as you will need it later.
Remove jars from the oven and fill each with ½ tsp of coriander seeds and 1 small bay leaf.
Combine the sugar and salt in small bowl. Toss lemons in salt and sugar mixture. Pack lemons into prepared jars. Push lemons down as tightly as possible. Top with remaining sugar and salt mixture. Strain the reserved lemon juice to remove seeds, then pour the juice over the lemons leaving ¼ “ head space at top of jar. Place lid on turning until just tight.
Bring a large pot of water to a boil; this pot needs to be big enough that all sealed jars will be immersed in water. Place jars in hot water bath, bring to a simmer and process for 10 minutes. Pull from the bath. Confirm that jars have sealed; the lid will be slightly concave. Your preserved lemons will be ready to use in three weeks!

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