Lemony Goodness – Addons To Our Chat With No Chefs Allowed

  • September 30th, 2013
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lisa & melanie preserved lemonsAfter Lisa’s podcast debut, on No Chefs Allowed, we wanted to highlight some other super tasty and delicious things to do with the Preserved Lemons.

Most would think to cut out the pulp and use it in a pasta salad to brighten things up or a super-simple salad addition, but there is always more to do with a jar of this magical wonder.

For the pith: cut a hunk and add to a stew (like a bay leaf) for a splash of citrus, brushes of salty/vinegar pickled perfection. The pickling process take out any bitterness the pith had and creates a perfect little vessel for delivering that preserved lemon flavor where you want it. Add one to your next chicken noodle soup and let it simmer – you can thank us later.

Brie: add it to bloody mary and make a splash for guests, easily compliment the juicy tomato flavor with tangy lemon. Splash into a shaker for a dirty martini with lemony zest. Create a grown up lemonade by mixing vodka, lemonade and a splash of preserved lemon brine and be ready to drink up. One great way to add the flavor is mix into a vinaigrette with mixed greens to achieve a mouthful of summery goodness.

The pulp: easy-breezy. Branish a chicken salad with tart gusto. Take some and mash it into a pile of couscous to give it a real kick into overdrive, the preserved lemon compliments perfectly with dried cranberries in a great composition. We love to add the pulp to a stuffing mix for Thanksgiving, giving our standard stuff a bit of boost of acid that makes memories flourish.

Pick up a jar of preserved lemons made by our own preservationist, or make it at home with our recipe – and get exploring!

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