Setaro Pasta – Artisan Ancestry

Buon ItaliaFinding the perfect (or more accurately – the best) dried pasta is tough. That is, until you pick up a package of Setaro pasta.

The story of Setaro Pasta could be a book, a long tomb of love and family and the history of pasta between the shadows of rocky seaside cliffs and rolling hills. It would show the growth of an industry spurred by a Count and an introduction of Semolina flour into a mineral laden landscape. You’d read of smart businesses people seeing pasta production move through the town and setting up shop in a town where eventually a whole landscape of producers flourish, combine, and mature; where the sea crashes salty sprays and the ever-warm climate create the ideal conditions for drying pasta on roof tops. It’s in the city where “pasta of Naples” is born and nearly impossible to repeat. It is from this history, tradition, and lineage that Setaro Pasta gains its stature.

Their pasta is less ‘consumer grade’ and more along the lines of ‘chef grade’ pasta. It’s powerfully grainy, made in small and limited batches. It’s dried low and slow so the texture and flavor stay as close to the same as it would fresh. This makes the pasta really full of life, breathing new energy into homemade sauce and making gourmet sauce truly shine. It pulls in sauce like it’s been built with special super powers, capturing all the rich plate-of-pasta profiles in one bite. Rich hearty pasta that plays up its sauce accompaniment – it doesn’t take the floor but leads the dance across your palate, a vessel for flavor. The shapes are interesting, fun, and provide a bit to interest on the plate. We like to use a bag when family visits or for that perfect in-home date night to make things just ‘that’ much more special.

Get a bag of what could very well be the best dried pasta made in the world off our shelves today. Have a favorite use of pasta? Want to leave a note about your love of Setaro pasta? Drop us a line in the comments below!

  1. Marie - November 11, 2013

    I would like to know we’re I could buy Setaro pasta on Long Island. N.y.

    • jake - November 11, 2013

      Hey Marie,

      The only place we know where to get it for sure in NY is at Chelsea Market – but you could check your local Italian grocery for your best bet. Thanks!


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