Hella Bitter – The Best Bitter Brooklyners

  • November 11th, 2013
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You’ve got your small barrel aged bourbon, locally distilled vodka, heck – you’ve likely got artisan syrups; then you’ve got that old crusty bottle wrapped in paper you picked up four years ago for your bitters. It’s time to step up your game. It’s time to get yourself some Hella Bitter.


The whole thing started with a man and a hobby then Williamsburg, Brooklyn bit. It was all a busy whirling blur between the super-successful Kickstarter, subsequent growth, packaging redesign, and the spread of something truly special. Hella Bitters is like that last puzzle piece; going through all that work to make the absolutely best cocktail possible and missing the corner. It’s high time to fill in that space. With two distinct flavor choices there is always a way to kick up your game. The Aromatic is a cornerstone of any good Old Fashioned, sure – but add a few dashes to a your pork rub recipe, strawberry compote, or chicken brine for easy, complexly layered flavor additions. Don’t be afraid of the bitters, they sooth your tongue’s wishes for intrigue. Now the Citrus, their self-proclaimed rock star of the group, brings a character of fresh rind to just about anything it’s splashed into, from a tasty lemonade cocktail to marinade, and even things like chutney and whipped cream. The Hella Bitters folks avidly encourage thinking outside the box, or in this case outside the bottle, in finding new and great ways to use the bitters. They also use all natural ingredients, infuse in small batches, and relentlessly search for the perfect spices to use in the bottles; so it’s the best possible addition to your home-crafted cocktails.

Pick up a two-pack of both on our shelf today and get shakin’! Want to leave a tasty recipe you love, or a shout out to the cocktail lovers of the world? Drop us a line in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.

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