Deck the Hall – A Real Piece Of Work

  • December 2nd, 2013
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DUA BrandThe skinny: Deck the Hall is an ongoing, always-added-to art show, but once an article is gone, it’s gone – so don’t hesitate! Just spot a piece you love, buy it up and walk out of the store with it.

It started mostly a collection of ideas from our Art Guy, Devin. Cover the whole dang wall in local art, make them affordable and get the artist’s work into the hands of people. We loved the idea and thought it perfect to do so during gift giving season. A great piece of local art to give to someone instead of another collection of scented soaps. Just think, a gift that they will always see and remember you with. You can always gift it to yourself too – sometimes your walls need a present too. The show will be up until the 23rd of December for you late shoppers too, so fear not!

For us, it’s a shareable connection to something we love, an undying love of local art. We wanted to support the work of those who inspire us, who pour their passion across a canvas (or old door) and allow us to give it a temporary home on our walls. We wanted to give them a springboard to reach a buying audience and create a lasting connection to those who give and receive the work.


We hope you enjoy the spread, pick up a couple for you and your gift list and support local artists!

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