2013 Gift Giving Guide – Chocolate Lover

  • December 7th, 2013
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In our first ever gift giving guide, we wanted to give a helping hand in picking out a theme for someone as gifts. Pick and choose one or more items or combine one or more items from any of the themes to fit your giftee – or just use these as inspiration.

We’ve got a shocking amount of chocolate goodies, but we wanted to give a good breadth of some fantastic items out of our grocery.


From right to left: La-dee-dahs are local nougat and caramel swirl coated in chocolate heaven, GrownUp KidStuff is likely the best chocolate sauce ever created by man and it’s made here in Chicago, Askinosie paired with Jeni’s to create and ice cream chocolate bar – seriously, Terry’s Toffee brings a splash of peppermint to the holiday party, our hot chocolate mix rounds out the chocolate-in-every-form with warmth and love, and a bottle of Ludovicus is a rich and lovely red that compliments a trudge through a cocoa deluge.

Get the whole lot off our shelf and indulge the sweet love in your life.

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