BLiS White Truffle Oil – The Real Thing

  • February 11th, 2014
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Blie Truffle Oil OMGFor ages we were hesitant to pick up truffle oil. First, a lot have additives or flavor enhancers or strange ingredients that didn’t seem to fit, or they just weren’t up to par. But finally now, we found one that meets and exceeds our expectations: BLiS White Truffle Oil.

First a word of advice – this truffle oil, as with all real truffle oils, is best with a light hand. As it is with any truffle oil, the strong musky flavors can overpower quickly and a diligent keen eye for exacting the amount of flavor is almost always visually meager. Fear not, the depth of the white truffle rings true and is even strongly complimented by the grape seed oil used in these bottles. BLiS extracts by 100% natural cold pressing Alba White Truffles at peak ripeness. A chef driven kitchen add-in, as with all of their products, shows true skill and knowledge of the culinary world and craftsmanship. That is just what BLiS does – gourmet, at the highest caliber. We like a spot of the truffle oil in a vinaigrette for a special dinner or a dash added to macaroni and cheese when we’re feeling homey-but-fancy. It’s always fun to dress scallops or add to a lightly dressed pasta – explore and expand upon your savory dishes.

Pick up a bottle of BLiS’s White Truffle Oil and put a drop into tonight’s dinner to start creating delicious food memories. Have a favorite use for truffle oil? Want to give BLiS a shout? Drop us a line in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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