Nordic Creamery’s Harvest Butter – Spread The Season

  • March 4th, 2014
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Sometimes when you have friends for a long time, you don’t take the time to stop and reflect. Not that the relationship is under-appreciated, but they were seemingly always there – that is how it is with our good friends at Nordic Creamery. We’ve been long time fans of their work and have always been fond of their real, honest-to-goodness cheeses from just north in Wisconsin. Our booth-side chats at farmers markets and slicing thick cuts of cheeses for secret suppers, only made us grow to love their whole portfolio all that much more.

Nordic Harvest Butter

Nordic is a family farm in all forms of the word, owning their farmstead and working their heard in the same plot since 1917. That means they are not just farmers but cheese-makers. They’re located in Westby near where many other Norwegian settlers landed in the thick green swells of the Coulee Reigon. Due to the land being glacier-free, it creates ideal cow and goat chomping grounds and is the driving force in keeping the cows happy and in turn creating for first-rate, certified rBGH-free, award winning cheeses and butters.

Their Harvest Butter is like dipping into a flavor kaleidoscope – beautiful and unique every time; it’s a butter pulled from the time at high harvest – when the cows are chewing down hay and grains bringing out an entirely new flavor than their other butters. This is very seasonal and carries us through the deep winter days; at home we allot a portion for from-scratch biscuits or pancakes just for this spread. Nordic’s Harvest butter is simply wonderful.

Pick up your tub out of cooler today and taste what real love and real butter is like from a local family farm. Love Nordic Creamery? Dug into your stash of their Harvest Butter and want to tell the world? Drop us a line below, we’d love to hear from you.

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