Urban Accents’ Late Winter Picks – Breakfast for Dessert & Vice Versa

  • March 27th, 2014
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Urban Accents seems to doing their due diligence when it comes to crafting luxurious eats. It may not come as a surprise, but we’re quite keen on breakfast for dinner, and with the newest items to hit our shelves from Urban Accents it’s clear they do too. Here then are a few of those treats.

Urban Accents Chocolate Flapjack

This particular flapjack mix is everything we heart about the wonders of pancakes met with that deep chocolate longing we cannot shake. Urban did it right though, it’s more like a dessert than a breakfast, but it’s not weighted down by globs of heavy bitterness, but pairs a dark chocolateness against a mellow fluffed pancake and light sweetness. Breaking out this mix after a dinner with friends will bring jeers and smiles like you wouldn’t believe – it’s the best part of childhood reinvigorated into a decadent stack of choco-griddle cakes. What is not to love?

Urban Accents FT Drizzle

Sometimes french toast can get a bit repetitive, maybe a something bit special? Urban Accents to the rescue again. Their french toast drizzles pull from our some of best treats around: chocolate cheese cake and sea salted caramel. The chocolate cheese cake is rich and chocolatey, sure but also lightly sweet with a play of creaminess that makes for a real special breakfast. Salt and caramel has been coupled together with great success for a while and here now it is ready to be slathered across a stack of thick sliced french toast. Both the chocolate and caramel sauce are great for laying down on breakfast, but also just as good on ice cream or a slice of cheese cake.

Get crafty with Urban Accents’ recent additions to our shelves. Pick up all three and many more today! Love yourself some chocolate drizzle? Can’t get enough of UA’s spices, add-ons, and mixes? Let the whole world know by dropping us a line below!

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